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Press Release Commemorating International Youth Day (IYD)

“Today, the world observes International Youth Day (IYD), a global recognition of the invaluable role young individuals play in shaping nations. This year’s theme, ‘Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World,’ resonates profoundly for Ghana, a nation with a vibrant youth population. It’s an opportunity to address our nation’s challenges, particularly in the context of mining, a cornerstone of our economy.

Ghana’s current struggles with unauthorized mining activities, known as ‘galamsey,’ threaten our environment. Young individuals, often engaged in these activities, have unintentionally caused severe ecological damage. Urgent action is required. The Center for Social Impact Studies (CeSIS) urges the government to champion ‘green mining’ practices:

1. Ban harmful chemicals like mercury and cyanide in mining, promoting alternatives like the ‘gold katcha.’

2. Encourage innovative mining techniques among small-scale miners to increase resource recovery and decrease environmental harm.

3. Disseminate up-to-date geological information to guide responsible mining and reduce haphazard destruction.

4. Advocate for land reclamation, including afforestation initiatives, to restore mined areas.

CeSIS believes empowering environmentally conscious young miners is pivotal for both Ghana’s future and its present economic growth. On this World Youth Day, let’s celebrate the potential of our youth and their role in building a sustainable future.”

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